Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 8- Building & Baking Sunday

The Weather Forecast
we had some beautiful rain of Saturday night

today it was back to the usual, warm & sunny

day 7 was lost in a day of busy bees.

digging up a side garden, weeding, newspaper, fresh dirt & mulch.

ironing- not a compulsive iron-er {is that even a word}, i usually wait until all of my clothes need doing before i get out the iron & board, & if i need something then ill iron it just before i put it on, but 9 times out of 10 ill just shake it out & put it on anyway.

today A, & i built the gate for the chicken run, a ramp up to the hen house & a nesting box.
painted the gate & ramp with the last of the Green paint, will new to buy more to give them a second coat.

Baking Sunday


Choc Chip

White Choc Chunk Cookies

Lemon Curd

Bars {new recipe}

pulled out the first lot of Radishes to go in a salad to go with

T-Bone steaks on the BBQ

Lettuce, Silverbeet & Snow Peas

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