Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Last night was Earth Hour from 8pm to 9pm, so off went the TV, Lights & Computers.
i am sorry to say that no one in my street participated.
Later on my BIL rang up & when asked did they turn out their Lights said "Me turning off my lights & TV for an hour isnt going to do any good" upon hearing this i made a new page for my "Go Green" book. {His statement made me sad}.

So today i made a canvas for my wall to remind anyone who sees it that

1 Person can make a Difference

Easter Show

We went to the Easter Show on friday, left the house at 8am & got back at 12.30. it was a super long day. we had heaps of fun. my high lights were the Rodeo {dont ya just lov Cowboys} & the Sideshow Freaks{Psycho Sideshow}, Betty Brawn {strong Woman}, Ruby Rubber {contortionist}, Space Cowboy {sword Swaller}, Shep {Traps & battery lifter} [It will make your eyes water], The Great Gondos {clown}. The Coca-Cola freestyle trials was awesome as well, those 2 boys were amazing. I think the Boys liked the Xtreme Korruption the best with the Toyota V6 HiLux Utes & extreme motocross team & not to forget the Bouncin' Bobcats. DS #2's high light was the show bags LOL
The wood Chop was as great as always but we only stayed for 2 as it was really hot in the Chop stadium. Last but by no means least the fireworks & lazer light show was fantastic.
It truly was a great day out & well worth the $107 to get in. I think Bull Riding is my Favorite Sport :o)

New Desks

My long awaited desks are now stained, varnished & put back together. Now they are just waiting for me to move out the old desk. each one has a shelf & a draw {love the sleek handles} they will sit back to back. all i need now is a stool if i want to sit down.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Go Green

im a little obsessed about the way we live & our impact on the big blue marble we call home, & why shouldn't we be. we are killing our planet & once its gone so are we. so im trying to live a better life, teach my children a better way of doing things, in a hope that's its not too late. here is a little book that i made last wednesday & one i hope to add to.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Good Bye Summer

its the first day of Autumn, a top of 17 here today so it feels like Autumn.
*A & J fixing J's bike lots of new parts.

* S on his computer playing 'Half Life' on his friends server {on line playing}
*as for me im about to go & stain my new desk
pics to come :o)