Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kitchen Chairs

on thursday after work i went to the Salvoes store to look for some baking dishes. for those who dont know what the Salvo Store is. no luck in the dish department but i did spy 6 kitchen chairs being unloaded from the truck. after enquiring if there was a table to match & the answer being no, i then asked about a price. with some negotiation as i had to have them delivered, [as some of you know i dont drive so big purchases have to have some extra thinking before i will consider buying them].
 i got them for $10 a chair plus $25 delivery, so a total of $85 & we now have 6 awesome new timber chairs.


these orange plastic chairs came from my father in laws, we have been using them for here since we moved in. i still like them as they are orange & made in Australia in the 70's so still pretty cool. they will be put to use when we have people over for dinner, oh & they are great for when your painting as they have been used for that for as long as i can remember.

some of you may remember the extension dinning table my son made for his year 12 wood last year & here it is with its 6 new chairs. it does seat 12 so i will be on the look out for more chairs.