Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Solar Power

Solar Power

i got home from work today just before dark to this sight
just makes me smile
from ear to ear

16 solar panels went up on our roof today :o)
Saturday we will be connected to the grid
another step toward our greener life style

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Market Day

Lawson Market day

a beautiful warm Autumn morning found us at Lawson Market,
it is becoming quite a local meeting point.
i can highly recommend Peters Breads
his Honey & Fruit Bread with butter & a cup of green tea is Devinne for morning tea when you mossy on home. 'A' likes his with Creamed Honey.
if you live in either Leura or Katoomba you can have your bread delivered.

Honey & Fruit loaf, Rye & Linseed two loaves for $6
two new rolling pins have found a new home

5 bars of Goats Milk & Lemon Myrtle soap

as well as two Willow Nut Loaf Tins

now i am after recipes for these loaf tins, so if you have one or two id love to hear about it.

'A' tells me i have too much junk, & i must say i do have quite a lot of old stuff. i dont buy as much as a use to, im a little more selective with the things i do bring home.
i do have to say tho, everyone should buy the things they lov, things that make you smile, things that say please take me home i want to live with you.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Baking

Pear Flan

4 large Pears, peeled, cored and sliced
2 eggs
3/4 cup milk
1 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cups plain flour
1/4 tsp mixed spice

mix all then add pears, bake in a spring form pan
until golden & cooked through
about 40 mins at 160*

serve with ice cream or cream

Bananas comming out of my ears at the moment so the only solution was to bake with them

Banana cake
Banana Bread
Banana & Sunflower Seed Cake

these will be going in the freezer


Hard Wood

this is a story of one plank of hard wood.
this one plank, started life of course as a seed, this seed grew into a big beautiful tree
then one day the tree was cut down & taken to a saw mill where it was cut into many planks.
8 of these planks were built into a platform to hold a water tank & that is where they stayed for many many years. then one day about 15 years ago the property where the platform & tank lived were sold & purchased by my sister in law. the water tank was replaced with a larger plastic tank & so the platform was not needed. we happened to go out there for a visit on the day my brother in law was pulling down the old platform. that day those 8 planks of hardwood become mine.
they were trimmed & sanded & made into a table top, for about a year that was how they stayed.
the year we moved up to the mountains they were pulled apart & stored for a couple of years.
when we moved into 'The Lodge' also known as 'Filamina Cottage' again they were stored for a while until one of those planks was made into a seat as a B'Day gift for 'A' it was engraved with a message & our names.
when i say seat it was two logs with the plank placed on top & to secure it i used old railway pegs. two more of the planks were also made into seats the same way. i have to say they were the best seats to sit on in the garden.

that left 5 planks & four of those became sides for a sand pit.
in 2003 all items were pulled apart when we moved to Tassie.
2005 found those planks back in the mountains & in storage only to be gotten out as seating between straw bales when there was a party.
in 2010, 7 1/2 planks are still in storage but that other 1/2 plank now has a home on my kitchen wall with five coat hooks attached. the left side still has the whole where the railway spike was.
2 of the hooks i picked up on my travels the other 3 i purchased from an on line hardware store.
it now holds my aprons & maybe a few other things as time goes by.