Sunday, May 02, 2010


Hard Wood

this is a story of one plank of hard wood.
this one plank, started life of course as a seed, this seed grew into a big beautiful tree
then one day the tree was cut down & taken to a saw mill where it was cut into many planks.
8 of these planks were built into a platform to hold a water tank & that is where they stayed for many many years. then one day about 15 years ago the property where the platform & tank lived were sold & purchased by my sister in law. the water tank was replaced with a larger plastic tank & so the platform was not needed. we happened to go out there for a visit on the day my brother in law was pulling down the old platform. that day those 8 planks of hardwood become mine.
they were trimmed & sanded & made into a table top, for about a year that was how they stayed.
the year we moved up to the mountains they were pulled apart & stored for a couple of years.
when we moved into 'The Lodge' also known as 'Filamina Cottage' again they were stored for a while until one of those planks was made into a seat as a B'Day gift for 'A' it was engraved with a message & our names.
when i say seat it was two logs with the plank placed on top & to secure it i used old railway pegs. two more of the planks were also made into seats the same way. i have to say they were the best seats to sit on in the garden.

that left 5 planks & four of those became sides for a sand pit.
in 2003 all items were pulled apart when we moved to Tassie.
2005 found those planks back in the mountains & in storage only to be gotten out as seating between straw bales when there was a party.
in 2010, 7 1/2 planks are still in storage but that other 1/2 plank now has a home on my kitchen wall with five coat hooks attached. the left side still has the whole where the railway spike was.
2 of the hooks i picked up on my travels the other 3 i purchased from an on line hardware store.
it now holds my aprons & maybe a few other things as time goes by.


Xena said...

what a wonderful blog entry. I love how some things that many would consider junk can become a whole entire lifes journey tale for others.

greenfumb said...

What a great story. I hope you can find a good home for the other 7 1/2 pieces too :-)