Monday, April 26, 2010

learn something new

i was just reading a post about 'The Ripped Off Generation' over at Living Simply Blog

boo hoo to all those who were not taught how to do for them selves its never to late to learn
i learnt at an early age that you had to work to get what you want & you didn't always get it
i also learnt that working & raising kids doesn't always work

i was a teen in the mid 80's, parents who worked all the time & i was relied on to not only look after the house, the meals, the washing & not to mention 4 younger siblings that needed homework supervised, baths taken & fights worked out. i learned very quickly how to cook for 7 people & to keep a house.

i had no one to teach me all of the things that i wanted to know, all that i have learned over the years has come from books. i wish that i had had someone who could teach me how to knit, tend a garden & all the other 100 things i know how to do, it would have been nice to have someone to turn to.

so what im here to say is if you don't know it then pick up a book or go on the net, everything you need to know is right there for the taking.
sure it would be nice to have someone teach you but why wait for that someone to come along, rely on your self, teach yourself.
become the independent person that the 'ripped of generation' was taught to be.