Saturday, April 03, 2010


The Best $20 i have ever spent :o)

today i came home with the find of the month
two sheet sets both in their original packets one a queen size & the other a single
both sets are two flat sheets
so 70's, they make me smile
$10 each what a bargain
beautiful thick 100% cotton, they dont make them like this any more

its not every often you find something like this.
in my mind i think they were wedding gifts that were put in the linen press & made their way to the back & only found the light of day when the house was cleaned out at a deceased estate
now they will be loved 30 odd years after they were made.

this is the queen size set & they are in the wash as i type & they will be going on my bed this afternoon. the original price sticker was $5.99
EDIT - it turns out these are a double bed set so i can only use them as top sheets, they shrank a bit in the wash. its all good tho as i will make two pillow slips today from the second sheet & who knows what else :o)

this is the single set, one of them is destined to become a skirt & an apron

i just noticed that this is my 200th post [April 2006 to April 2010]
so i think a little give away is in order
i will have a little hunt around my studio tomorrow & let you know whats up for grabs & how to win


In Brief said...

Green eyed monster here... I'd be doing similar things to the single set myself. As for the queen I'd be wanting them on the bed ASAP myself.

Chris said...

Hey, that's quality vintage! They certainly don't make cotton like that any more. Good find and great price. Well done. :)

The Old Dairy said...

Wow lucky you...I got a single one and turned it into my favorite skirt last year....keep us posted with what you do with