Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random pages

just a few pages, i have a lot more but these were the first 3 in the folder
*the Apricots from the 'Harvest' page were sooo sweet
*the 'Train' photos were taken in 2005 at Linden station, we have a crappy ticket machine, it only takes coins & is limited to 14 different tickets that you can purchase.
*the 'Wash Day' photos were taken at the beginning of last year, now i have about 30 different coloured singlets & i pretty much wear them every day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

been busy doing nothing

wow its been nearly a year since i have updated this......
but you know how it goes running around, getting stuff done. people say what have you been up to & i always say,' nothing much'. by the end of the day im slowing down & getting tired & what did i do all day, a million little things & nothing to show for it, so its always the same ' nothing much'

*still nothing on the job front Grrrrrrr

*A & i went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show last week, it was Awesome. the Guy who played Frankinfurter was fantastic

*DS #1 finished year 10 last year & started work on valentines day

* A came home yesterday with one of my new desks, lov lov lov it & the other one should be finished next week sometime, too exciting

*on the weight loss front, i now wear size 10 jeans

*i started a thankful journal this year, im really likeing it. some days it lots of things & others its just one

*my first class this year is a card class, should be heaps of fun

*well thats it, ill see about posting some pics later on