Saturday, June 24, 2006


so ive ridden 127km in the last two weeks, i have gotten to my 30km a day goal & it feels good :o)
i average about 30kmph
not ready to step onto the scales yet, need a couple of more weeks under my belt before i go there.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Road to Slims Ville

road to becoming slim
this is the road i run on every morning, sometimes the sky looks like this & sometimes i get to see the sun rise
i was leaving the house at 6.30 but now i cant leave till 6.40 its just too dark. the weather is getting a bit cool, my finger tips & ears were starting to freeze so have taken to wearing a woolly hat and gloves.
i like thats its quiet at this time of the morning & no one is about.
2 weeks ago i picked up an exercise bike from the freecycle site. its great, i started out with 10km everyday for the first week now im up to 20km a day. i found that if i put on a funny movie while i ride the time goes really quickly & im not always looking to see how much further i have to go.
my goal for this week is to get to 30 km a day.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

how cold is it

when i went out the back this morning, nearly went for a six, there was ice all over the verandah & the grass was all white, that was at 6.30. 8.30 went out to hang the washing, everything was still white so i grabbed my camera & went on a little expedition of the back yard. there were ice crystals on everything it looked Awesome. anything that had water in it was was solid ice {very cool}
this is the first frost that we have had this winter & its great i just lov it. living so far down the mountain it doesn't get as cold here as it did when we lived in Lawson & dont get me started on Tassie every morning seeing mount Wellington covered in snow was the best part of my day{still miss it}. anyway its starting to feel like winter
ill post a couple of pics of my expedition tonight :o)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


how Awesome is this ring, {A} brought this butterfly ring for me last week, i lov lov lov it.
its sooo cool & soooo me
hes just the sweetest :o)


heres a couple of pics of my new crocs, they are so comfy i ware them every day, with socks of course. thinking about getting a lime pair as well.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

cyber crop

friday nights cyber crop was heaps of fun, the first challenge was to use the word 'Adore' not really keen on that word, so decided to put a different spin on it to the usual people type pages, i like how it turned out. challenge #2 you had to use a number in the title, i came up with a whole new series of pages for my BOM, {random fact} pages. lov all the colours in that page & of course my fabulous socks

Friday, June 02, 2006

crops, winter, crocs & butterflies

well im just about had it, was a pretty big day shopping & stuff. just resting up so i can join all the girls at embellished for our first cyber crop {way to go Lorrie}. its gonna be great fun. bonus for me as ill have the house to myself as all my boys are going night fishing {& its gonna be cold}
it was nice when i left this morning & when i got back this afternoon it was raining and pretty cold {Woooo Hooooo}, pretty cold for me is jumper and long socks, pretty cold for everyone else is jumpers, jackets & woolly hats. so on the second day of winter im finally getting the cold weather i wish for all year long, its fabulous, C'mon on winter :o).
in other news, i ordered my crocs last week and picked them up today, way cool. got a pink pair & a black pair. they are sooo cumfy & they look cool too. when we get a bit of sun again ill take some pics & of course ill be doing a page :o) i have wanted some for quite a while now, DH got his 3 weeks ago and ive been wearing them around while he was at work, ssshhhhh dont tell him.
well thats about it i think oh about the page above, i snapped that pic last summer was not sure if it would turn out as butterflies dont tend to stay in one place for too long. well it turned out great. i got the pic out the other day to scrap but i did not want to do the same old butterfly pages that everyone else does, anyway this is what i came up with, i really like how it turned out.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

hair cut

got my hair cut last friday, was way over due.
i feel like me again.