Friday, June 02, 2006

crops, winter, crocs & butterflies

well im just about had it, was a pretty big day shopping & stuff. just resting up so i can join all the girls at embellished for our first cyber crop {way to go Lorrie}. its gonna be great fun. bonus for me as ill have the house to myself as all my boys are going night fishing {& its gonna be cold}
it was nice when i left this morning & when i got back this afternoon it was raining and pretty cold {Woooo Hooooo}, pretty cold for me is jumper and long socks, pretty cold for everyone else is jumpers, jackets & woolly hats. so on the second day of winter im finally getting the cold weather i wish for all year long, its fabulous, C'mon on winter :o).
in other news, i ordered my crocs last week and picked them up today, way cool. got a pink pair & a black pair. they are sooo cumfy & they look cool too. when we get a bit of sun again ill take some pics & of course ill be doing a page :o) i have wanted some for quite a while now, DH got his 3 weeks ago and ive been wearing them around while he was at work, ssshhhhh dont tell him.
well thats about it i think oh about the page above, i snapped that pic last summer was not sure if it would turn out as butterflies dont tend to stay in one place for too long. well it turned out great. i got the pic out the other day to scrap but i did not want to do the same old butterfly pages that everyone else does, anyway this is what i came up with, i really like how it turned out.

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