Thursday, June 15, 2006

how cold is it

when i went out the back this morning, nearly went for a six, there was ice all over the verandah & the grass was all white, that was at 6.30. 8.30 went out to hang the washing, everything was still white so i grabbed my camera & went on a little expedition of the back yard. there were ice crystals on everything it looked Awesome. anything that had water in it was was solid ice {very cool}
this is the first frost that we have had this winter & its great i just lov it. living so far down the mountain it doesn't get as cold here as it did when we lived in Lawson & dont get me started on Tassie every morning seeing mount Wellington covered in snow was the best part of my day{still miss it}. anyway its starting to feel like winter
ill post a couple of pics of my expedition tonight :o)


Ali said...

I bet it looked beautiful Nic... But frankly you can have your cold all to yourself...I am still enjoying my 15 degree mornings... and 25 degree days.....Don't get me wrong it gets cold up here some mornings (4 degrees).....but i much prefer the warmth over the cold now....

Julie said...

great pics nicole. i too love the sight of a white backyard, have had one every morning here for the last couple of weeks. Although to be honest could do without the cold part LOL.
Ever get any snow in the mountains there?, i remember when we holidayed there, there was a place with caves i think that had snow one year. LOVE SNOW - lol go figure hey, love snow but don't like the cold,wierd lol