Monday, April 26, 2010

learn something new

i was just reading a post about 'The Ripped Off Generation' over at Living Simply Blog

boo hoo to all those who were not taught how to do for them selves its never to late to learn
i learnt at an early age that you had to work to get what you want & you didn't always get it
i also learnt that working & raising kids doesn't always work

i was a teen in the mid 80's, parents who worked all the time & i was relied on to not only look after the house, the meals, the washing & not to mention 4 younger siblings that needed homework supervised, baths taken & fights worked out. i learned very quickly how to cook for 7 people & to keep a house.

i had no one to teach me all of the things that i wanted to know, all that i have learned over the years has come from books. i wish that i had had someone who could teach me how to knit, tend a garden & all the other 100 things i know how to do, it would have been nice to have someone to turn to.

so what im here to say is if you don't know it then pick up a book or go on the net, everything you need to know is right there for the taking.
sure it would be nice to have someone teach you but why wait for that someone to come along, rely on your self, teach yourself.
become the independent person that the 'ripped of generation' was taught to be.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Solar Power

Solar Power

for the last 2 weeks all 'A' has talked about is Solar Panels
so after much research, phone calls & emails we will have on the 11 May 2010

3 KW Grid-Connect Package

16 Enertech 185w Monocrystalline Solar Panels (25 year warranty)

01 Xantrax Inverter

all for the low low price of $9000
our power company will buy the power we generate & we will buy it back at a lower price.
fingers Xed we will generate more than we use & if thats the case we will receive a cheque

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Place & Yours

this week at My Place & Yours
what do you see when you walk in your front entry.....
well our front entry/veranda is more exciting than when you walk through the door

it as an entry in progress

this is my small to medium veranda, i like bird houses so quite a few live here to greet me when i arrive home.

a wall not finished & a sheet/curtain for doors to my linen press
one of my fave wooden kitchen chairs holds another bird house & my super cute spotty umbrella

Monday, April 05, 2010

200 Post Give Away

up for grabs are these earrings made by me
sterling silver with black glass beads & turquoise stones

To Win
leave a comment & you will get one entry
become a follower & leave a comment & you will get 2 entries
will post anywhere
closes Monday 12 April

the winner is .............. Xena
email me your addy & ill post them off to you on thursday :o)

Saturday, April 03, 2010


The Best $20 i have ever spent :o)

today i came home with the find of the month
two sheet sets both in their original packets one a queen size & the other a single
both sets are two flat sheets
so 70's, they make me smile
$10 each what a bargain
beautiful thick 100% cotton, they dont make them like this any more

its not every often you find something like this.
in my mind i think they were wedding gifts that were put in the linen press & made their way to the back & only found the light of day when the house was cleaned out at a deceased estate
now they will be loved 30 odd years after they were made.

this is the queen size set & they are in the wash as i type & they will be going on my bed this afternoon. the original price sticker was $5.99
EDIT - it turns out these are a double bed set so i can only use them as top sheets, they shrank a bit in the wash. its all good tho as i will make two pillow slips today from the second sheet & who knows what else :o)

this is the single set, one of them is destined to become a skirt & an apron

i just noticed that this is my 200th post [April 2006 to April 2010]
so i think a little give away is in order
i will have a little hunt around my studio tomorrow & let you know whats up for grabs & how to win