Sunday, August 27, 2006


i found these pegs & they made me smile, & also think about how many different sorts of pegs i have here at home :o)

good time

ive had a great last couple of days, went to the stitches & craft show on friday with my SIL, came home with some excellent stuff only 8 stamps made it home with me LOL
saturday i had a stampin up party it was very cool, learnt some new techniques & ordered 2 stamp sets plus some other have to have things.
some people have asked my why ive not been around much chatting & stuff well there is a reason, for the last couple of years ive had this psycho woman stalking me, she follows me from site to site. when ever i post a pic or make a comment she sends me nasty emails & even when i dont post anything shes sending me stuff. i have no idea who this woman is, as for how she got my email addy she must be on one of the RAK lists i first signed up on, its not an email i use much as i opened a couple of new ones. some times it gets too much & i just need a break from it all. i dont read the emails just trash them but the fact that she keeps finding me & still continues to send them is just.......
so im sorry to anyone who thinks ive been rude to them for not chatting or being around
i havent felt like doing much at all, not even scrappin. some days i dont even turn my computer on cause i dont want to see the pop up saying i have 100 emails in my in box.
feeling good after the last few days so im off to try & catch up on all thats been goin on.
hope everyone has a great sunday :o)

Saturday, August 05, 2006


just thought id put a quick one up before i get ready for class
i did this page wednesday, my son took the photo of me :o)
i really like it

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Avast ye scurvy dogs

Arrr thar it be me pirate page for all ta see
i be a sea-farin wench, der pirates life for me

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


wednesdays always seem to be the days i dont want to do anything, maybe because its the middle of the week & we still have to more days till the weekend. anyway not much goin on well i say that like i have nothing to do but ive got a stack of things to get started & finished by friday, just have not done any of them. i really need to stop leaving stuff till the last minute.
i have scrapped so thats always good, did a 20 min page on monday & yesterday i did my pirate page. had a heap of fun posing like a pirate my boys all thought it was funny. took longer to take the photos than it did to do the page, i lov how it turned out & the flag pic is way too cool. ill post a pic tomorrow.
ill leave you today with my monday page :o)