Tuesday, March 20, 2007

busy once again :o)

A & I went on a date on saturday, went to the movies & saw 'Wild Hogs' too funny well worth the admission price. after we went down to High street there was a festival on with a parade "dont ya just love parades"
HUGE day on Sunday, left at 8am to catch the 8.24 train to the city for the Harbour Bridge Walk. it was a great day, it was overcast & not too hot. Lime Green hats all round. there were huge speakers all the way along each playing different things. News headlines from 1932, the opening speech & Australian Rock. Old Planes flying over head & heaps of news helicopters.
it was just soo cool i am really glad i made the boys come.
after the crossing we went to the Historical Society Building, had some Japanese Pancakes filled with Chocolate, Cheese & custard YUM, also purchased a certificate of the 75th Anniversary Bridge Walk "that will be going on the wall". went into the Rocks listened to some Jazz & then watched a street performer, juggling flaming torches he was really excellent. the whole show went for about 40 mins. well worth the $10. lined up to get the news paper just for the $1 coins {way too many people pushing & shoving NOT fun i can tell ya}
wondered around the Rocks Markets for a bit but there were just soo many people you couldnt even see anything, so we walked down to Circular Quay then over to the Opera House. walked around town for a while got some great Architectural photos, there really are some beautiful buildings in the city. it was about 3.30 when we got to Central, the boys had some lunch & then we got on the train. got home about 10 past 5.

Friday, March 02, 2007


havent entered any comps for quite a long time, but decided to enter the feb comp at scrapbook savvy, it was pretty last minuite.
got an email this morning saying i won.
just what i needed :o)

here is the page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

For the last week we have spent way too many hours waiting for doctors & there is no end in sight.
sorry about that bummer of a first line
so whats been going on besides {refer to top line} well not much room for anything else, except for maybe a bit of scrappin. i entered the FUNK IT UP comp over at scrapforums.com finished week ones challenge in 30 mins {woo hoo} lov it when it goes together quick. its been a long time since i entered any challenges or comps so hopfully i can keep my inspiration going till the end of it.
popped over to my online home scrapwitch.com.au lots of things have changed but it looks great & its nice to see some of those old faces again.
just about time for my walk so ill put up a couple of pics before i go

Scrapbook page Goal 150
8 down 142 to go

start date Saturday 21st October
Kilos lost 20.5

Thursday, February 15, 2007

so where have i been, what have i been up too

you know how it goes,
1# super busy over the christmas new years

2# my birthday {cant believe im 35} where did the years go

Australia Day, went to Zig Zag then to an old air strip so the boys could run their cars {petrol remote control cars} that night to my nieces B'day {heaps of fun had a western themed party}

4# wednesday 31st Jan, my Boys go back to school {year 8 & year 10}

5# little sisters B'day

6# Valentines week , yes i said week we celebrated for a week from wednesday 7th Feb, till wednesday 14th Feb. heart shaped cakes, cookies, bread, pasta, potatoes. poems & messages in lunches, heart shaped chocolates on pillows every day, Kisses & Hugs

7# quite a few trips to the beach in the last few months, as well as picnics & days to car race

8# things started to get on top of me in December & slowly got worst over January & into February, even tho we were busy with everything that goes on over the holidays & all the things we have done since i was feeling
sad, over whelmed, stuck, no way out, mad & even pissed off. i think it started with way to much to do & then all the bitchiness, back stabbing & emails on some of the scrap sites it just got too much. so i ditched all the sites stopped logging in, & only checked my email once a fortnight if i was lucky.
the last week or so has finally started to get back to normal, well my kind of normal anyway

9# went to the stitches & craft show on saturday, had a great time & came home with some fabulous stuff

10# on sunday Andrew & i went on our first date in more than 10 years, went to the movies to see Pursuit of Happyness. excellent movie definitely worth seeing

11# on monday Andrew came home with 3 bunches of flowers for me, he is soo sweet i love him like crazy

12# still cant believe its me when i walk past a mirror or window {20.5 kg lost}

13# been looking for a job, thought it was time i went back to work. it has been really hard, have sent out way too many resumes have only gotten one interview, they gave me a call back for a second interview but declined the job cause it was 3 nights a week & as i dont drive & i wont catch the train at night it was not the job for me. it is difficult because i have not worked in over 15 years, so lots of places wont even give me a go. but fingers XXed something will turn up soon

14# i want to say a HUGE HAPPY B'DAY to Karen, sorry i missed it sweety but look out for something in the post.

15# listen to music every day its good for the soul or maybe it just makes you feel good, even put a smile on your face, maybe go one step further & dace around like crazy. its FUN so go ahead & try it. {everyone needs some FUN everyday}

17# Ail E has a challenge, to find yourself a word for the year & until just now i didnt know what i was going to choose
FUN is my word & im also including SMILE & LAUGH, these 3 things im going to try very hard to do everyday {then maybe the SAD wont come back}

18# someone asked me the other day 'what makes me Smile' you dont always think about those things so im going to start a list {& im sure it will become a page one day} in no particular order

Spots & Dots
Andrews touch
Red Anything
Holding Hands
How thin im looking
Beach Days
My Boys being nice to each other
all the RAIN we have had
my Ikea draws

Scrapbook page Goal 150
6 down 144 to go

start date Saturday 21st October
Kilos lost 20.5