Tuesday, February 27, 2007

For the last week we have spent way too many hours waiting for doctors & there is no end in sight.
sorry about that bummer of a first line
so whats been going on besides {refer to top line} well not much room for anything else, except for maybe a bit of scrappin. i entered the FUNK IT UP comp over at scrapforums.com finished week ones challenge in 30 mins {woo hoo} lov it when it goes together quick. its been a long time since i entered any challenges or comps so hopfully i can keep my inspiration going till the end of it.
popped over to my online home scrapwitch.com.au lots of things have changed but it looks great & its nice to see some of those old faces again.
just about time for my walk so ill put up a couple of pics before i go

Scrapbook page Goal 150
8 down 142 to go

start date Saturday 21st October
Kilos lost 20.5

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Melanie Harris said...

Good luck with Funk it Up, I had fun doing my challenge for this week.