Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out in the Garden

spent the day in the yard yesterday
pruning, mulching, fencing off some of the lillypillies that Sally keeps pulling out
chopping firewood, turning over the compost (its looking really good)

planted out the Lemon tree i received as a B'day gift in 2007
fenced it off as Sally loves to pull out anything that has been freshly planted

the boys & i fenced off a part of the chicken yard & dug 4 potato beds
today i purchased seed potatoes from
King Edward
at $7.50 for 20 potatoes of each variety
also ordered a Silvan Giant Rhubarb

Saturday, July 03, 2010

CD Book

i saw a picture of this on a scrapbooking site, thought it was a good idea so i made my own.
it holds all of my photo cd's in date order.

i drew the camera picture on some grey gabardine, layered on the skull fabric then 2 more lots of grey. hand stitched the lines with black DMC floss
i cut out 2 squares of heavy weight card board, layered each piece between 2 pieces of grey & stitched around it with my sewing machine.
the size of the cover will depend on the size of the sleeves that you use. i used 6X6 scrapbook page protectors. made the cover about 1/2 inch larger.
punched the holes to match the sleeves.

for the sleeves i adhered stripes of patterned paper. using stamps for the date, the film strip & the camera. cut black paper to fit each sleeve so a disk can be put in each side.
each pattered paper strip has what is on each disk

put it all together with snap rings & added the badge