Saturday, July 19, 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar

We buy our apples in bulk by the box and i always get seconds. I like Pink Ladies or Fuji's for dried and Granny or Pink Ladies for pies and cakes. To process them i always hand peeled and used a mandolin to slice and that was ok when Mr GoingGreen helped me but by myself it just took too long. So for $23 including postage i purchased a spiral apple peeler and slicer. 
Oh my goodness it is a dream to use and soo quick. Im not big on gadgets but this is one of my top 5.

Wash, peel and slice, place apples on the dryer. Some people spray or rinse apples in a lemon solution so they stay white, i dont bother with that.  Besides they only last about a week or so if im lucky and they barely change colour anyway.

Now onto the Vinegar, because i have so may peels and cores i use real big jars. I dont know where you would get these from, mine came from a garage sale. Sterilise the jars for 10 mins in boiling water, in the dishwasher or in the oven.
Fill your jar with peels and cores and add 1 Tbl of white sugar for about every litre of water. Cover peels with water.
Add a cheese cloth or other cotton fabric to the top and secure with a rubber band. Place the jars somewhere dark and warmish, a cupboard or pantry is fine. Mr GoingGreen reminded me that i keep mine in the garage and it is quite cool down there but the temperature pretty much stays the same, so as long as it's not too hot you should get good results. 

Leave it for a few weeks, then strain out the peels. I have found that the red apples make a rosie coloured vinegar and the green or yellow apples make light green vinegar. This is a raw apple cider vinegar with the mother.
You can use this in your kitchen or if your like me i add it to my chooks water about 2 Tbl to a bucket.

These are said to be some of the benefits of using apple cider vinegar in your poultry's water.

Aids in digestion
Reduces intestinal and faecal odours
Helps break down minerals and fats
Lowers the pH in the digestive tract and may reduce common infections and increase resistance to disease
Improves fertility
Is a great all over tonic that will improve their general health
It is rich in vitamins and minerals

It does not work as a natural wormer, however garlic added to their water every couple of weeks and grated carrot in their feed at the same time is good for worms.

My Girls get fresh water every day, apple cider vinegar in their water one day a week and garlic two days in a row every two weeks [with the carrot in their feed] 1 small clove of garlic crushed.

Do not use vinegar when treating for Worms or Coccidiosis.
Do not use metal dishes for water as the vinegar will react with it [except for stainless steel]

Some people say that it has no benefits to your chooks so i guess its up to you to decide.
I am not a vet so i can not advise you either way about any of the things listed above, they are things i do for my flock.


Zena said...

I have read a bit of apple cider is good for chickens. We buy Braggs. It's fantastic you make your own.

Nicole said...

hey Zena, thanks for stopping by, i see your in the Snowy Mountains im sure its very cold there right now, hope your keeping warm

Chris said...

Snap! I bought a peeler/slicer a few months back too. Everyone sits down for an apple when it gets brought out.

I use the peelings to make vinegar too. I'm still experimenting with mine. Plus I use the same glass jars, by the looks of it.

I had a double-take when I read this. The only thing different is the chickens, lol. Mine don't look like yours. What a lovely bunch of ladies you have though. :)

Patrice said...

Hopped over from The Pistachio Project. I really want to try making my own Apple Cider Vinegar so thank you for this post!

My Lamp Is Full Staff

Nicole said...

thanks for visiting Patrice, let me know how it goes. you have some interesting recipes on you blog ill be going back when i have a bit more time. :o)

Nicole said...

Chris, you haven't posted about your girls in a while id love to see them. it took me about 4 tries to get my vinegar right.