Sunday, July 13, 2014

2014 Mudgee Small Farms Field Days

Two and a half hours saw us at this years Mudgee Field day. I was cold but very sunny and seemed to warm up after lunch.

I didnt take very many photos there was just too much to see.

One of the faves is the Working Dog trials, with so few commands they get the sheep where their master needs them.

 From the paddock to the pen and through the shoot. These dogs and their masters are a wonder to watch.
If only our Sally Girl was half as trained as these dogs.

Lots of machinery, tools and farm vehicles. Also a big display of old tractors and other farm equipment.

The Lucas Mill is one of the most impressive pieces of equipment, set up is just 15 mins and your ready to mill your logs. If you have the timber on your property this is the way to go if you want to build your home or any other building you may need. The guy was cutting an Iron Bark log and the boards were a beautiful red, there is nothing like Australian hardwood.

For lunch we had $8 beef burgers, they were small but very tasty.
There were quite a few animals from lots of different farms. Cows, horses, sheep, dogs, pigs, alpacas, donkeys, rabbits, and of course chooks and ducks. The poultry pavilion was only small but there were quite a few breeds on show & most were for sale. 
I would like to say that i came home with some new feathered friends but alas they were out of our price range, how ever we could have come home with a sow and 7 piglets but i dont think the neighbours would have liked that. 
They had the cutest miniature donkeys and a kelpy puppy that should have come home with us. I was a little disappointed that there were no Anglican Nubian Goats as we would have defiantly considered bring home 2 of them. 

There was a hands on demonstration about Scythes, i think if you just have a few animals to feed then small scale hay making would be the way to go, it may be hard work but it would also be very satisfying knowing you grew and cut you own animal feed.

We came home with lots of information and a new chook feeder. It was a very good day out.

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