Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Tim Tam Cake

Its my husbands Birthday today so i have made him a Tim Tam cake. I saw a picture of one on pinterest so i thought id give it a go.

I used a chocolate fudge cake recipe

250g dark chocolate
125g butter
2/3cup sugar
2/3cup SR Flour
4 eggs

Preheat oven 180 c. butter and line a rectangle baking tray.
Stir chocolate & butter over a pot of simmering water till melted, let cool.
Combine chocolate mix with the remaining ingredients in a medium bowl, beat on low with an electric mixer.
Pour into pan, bake 30 mins. stand 5 mins then turn out onto wire rack to cool.

When cold cut in half and trim up sides making sure they are the same size.

Cake Filling

100g butter softened
150g chocolate [melted and cooled]
3cups icing sugar
1Tbs milk

Beat butter until light and fluffy add sugar and mix until smooth. Add chocolate and enough milk to make a smooth spreadable consistency.
Spread over one cake then place the second cake on top.

Ganache Icing 

100ml pouring cream [i use long life cream]
300g chocolate

Melt chocolate over a pot of low simmering water then add the cream, use a whisk to mix and let thicken slightly. Place on bench to cool for 10 mins then in the fridge for 15 mins siring every 5 mins. You want it to be thick and spreadable but not hard.
Spread over cake and put in fridge to set.
I used a glass to cut out the bite piece.


Anne said...

WOW that cake looks so yummy!
I wonder if I could make a gluten free version?

It's nice to see you back in the blogging world :)
Your house looks amazing. I don't know where to start with my place , if I was cashed up I would knock it down and start again. But I am greatful that I'm not renting anymore rents are so pricey now!

Chris said...

That looks very tempting. Is it true for the cake as it is for the can't stop at one?

Happy birthday to Mr Green!