Tuesday, October 31, 2006


*havent scrapped in a while but managed a page on monday

*our 10th anniversary on thursday & we are off to the beach for 4 days {cant wait}

*also like to say a big Happy B'Day to CLARE & ROSE their birthdays are on saturday
hope you both have a wonderful day :o)

start date saturday 21st October
week ending 28th October 3.3 kilos lost :o)
feelin great

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Foundation for a Better Life

today i came across a site that has changed me. it made me smile, cry & think about what i can do to make my world, our world a better place. take some time to have a look, read the stories & billboards & watch the tv spots. i think that every country in our big beautiful world should run tv adds like these. adds that inspire forgiveness, gratitude, hard work, friendship, courtesy, courage, respect & a hundred other things. things that seem to have been lost from our society.
this site will have a permanent link on my blog :o)


i am issuing a challenge to all those who read my blog, to use the above statement on a scrapbook page. email me a link to your finished page & ill put it on my blog.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Smiley day

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes out to my friend Karen, hubby Shane & their son Bailey on their new family member TYLER HARLING
their little man was born on Tuesday at 7.39am and weighed 8lb 4oz.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


on saturday i started a diet, have never been on a diet before. its called the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program. get to have shakes twice a day plus one light meal. there is a huge list of foods i cant have but only one or two i will miss as nearly all of them i had already cut out after i had my op last year. you have to drink at lease two Lt's of water everyday, & lets just say im sick of all the bathroom time already LOL. i go to see the dietitian on fridays for a chat & a checkup. im also doing my hour & a half on my bike & a half hour walk everyday. they say the more i exercise the quicker the weight will drop so i think ill step it up a bit this week :o) oh & for anyone who has a set of dial scales they are crap, mine said i weighed 4 kg more than i did & they were a brand new set.

mmmm strawberries & cream shake........

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Firefox had a spaz attack yesterday & lost all of my links 'Not Happy Jan' also lost my email for a while as well. so 4 hours later & its as fixed as its gonna be. so now i am putting all my links in a book so if it happens again i wont have to search for them all again.
yesterday morning while i was cleaning up i came accross a stack of mail that had fallen down the back of the table. was ment to be posted out when all the swaps went out. there is a circle journal, half a dozen B'day cards & a couple of puzzle pieces. im sorry to all those who were waiting on them, ill make sure they go in the post on friday.

lov this page :o)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Random stuff

*last day of school holidays, just lazing around *today the weather is just the way i like it, nice & cool. friday & saturday was horrid i really hate hot weather & it was extreme.
*i have noticed lately at some of the sites i visit, they are all about their "design team", & im sick of seeing the same people on more than one team, also why ive stopped buy the magazines. we need new faces, new ideas, & new photos being scrapped.

*DH surprised me when he came home on friday with a drop saw for me, very exciting have not had a chance to use it yet, need a trip to the hardware store :o) {my fav place to shop} lov the smell of timber.
*goin to a stampin' up demo in a couple of weeks should be heaps of fun, already know what im going to buy :o)
*yesterday i purchased this gorgeous trifle bowel, ive wanted one for a while , guess what im doing this afternoon :o)
*for the last week i have been lost in christmas card land, designing a whole heap of cards, dont ya just lov christmas :o)

* this page was one of the ones i did when my SIL came over to play, i lov all the colours & the cute thong brads :o)