Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Firefox had a spaz attack yesterday & lost all of my links 'Not Happy Jan' also lost my email for a while as well. so 4 hours later & its as fixed as its gonna be. so now i am putting all my links in a book so if it happens again i wont have to search for them all again.
yesterday morning while i was cleaning up i came accross a stack of mail that had fallen down the back of the table. was ment to be posted out when all the swaps went out. there is a circle journal, half a dozen B'day cards & a couple of puzzle pieces. im sorry to all those who were waiting on them, ill make sure they go in the post on friday.

lov this page :o)


scrapadel said...

Sorry to hear about losing all your links Nicole, it is so frustrating and time-consuming to have to re-do them.

I love that LO Nicole.

Ali said...

Hey Nicole,
That layout is so cool...glad you are getting back into it!
Look forward to chatting soon
Ali x