Tuesday, October 24, 2006


on saturday i started a diet, have never been on a diet before. its called the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program. get to have shakes twice a day plus one light meal. there is a huge list of foods i cant have but only one or two i will miss as nearly all of them i had already cut out after i had my op last year. you have to drink at lease two Lt's of water everyday, & lets just say im sick of all the bathroom time already LOL. i go to see the dietitian on fridays for a chat & a checkup. im also doing my hour & a half on my bike & a half hour walk everyday. they say the more i exercise the quicker the weight will drop so i think ill step it up a bit this week :o) oh & for anyone who has a set of dial scales they are crap, mine said i weighed 4 kg more than i did & they were a brand new set.

mmmm strawberries & cream shake........


Tammy said...

Hey Nicole,
I have heard about this diet, let me know how it goes. Oh no you have scared me wiht he dial scale thing, I guess I will have to go and get a new set.
Love the LO you have done, gorgeous.
GOOD LUCK with the diet hope it goes well.

scrapadel said...

Good luck with the diet Nicole.

Are the shakes yummy or blah?

Nicole said...

Melanie i have tried them all now except the coffee ones & they taste pretty good, the soups how ever all taste the same LOL