Friday, November 17, 2006

took this photo from my front veranda,
lov how the suns rays are coming through a break in the clouds,
bummer about the power lines.

start date Saturday 21st October
Kilos lost 7.3 :o)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

getaway pics

ok a couple of pics from our getaway

low tide at Currarong

honey moon bay

the light house at piont perpendicular

one of the many pelicans at Currarong beach, this is one let me get 5 feet from it, did you know that they growl if you get too close & that they have blue feet :o) very cool

start date Saturday 21st October
Kilos lost 5.5 :o)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

mini holiday

we had a great time away, the weather was grey & a little rainy at times but that was ok with me cause i hate the hot weather. we stayed in a holiday house in Currarong, 150 metres to the beach very cool.
we went to lots of different beaches, the boys fished, & went on heaps of rides. nearly all my time i spent wondering the beaches, lov it when you can be there at high tide & then again at low tide, its amazing all the things that are hidden by the ocean.
Saturday we went to Point Perpendicular Light House, to get there you have to pass through a gate & get your rego plates written down & tell them where you are going. the gate has been there since 9/11
& as there is military land running along side they are on the look out for terrorists, pretty unlikely but hey i guess its the times we now live in. we could not turn off onto any of the roads on the left as thats all military land. it was really windy at the light house & the views were awesome.
on the way back we stopped at honeymoon bay beach very cute, & then the next beach along {cant remember the name} we played Boccie for an hour or so & then headed into Nowra for lunch.

oh and went to an Awesome scrapbooking store, cant remember the name {it might have been a scrapbook super store but im not real sure} it was in this old barn like building with a sandstone floor. there were other buildings there as well that sold pottery, sweets & Christmas stuff. picked up 4 new rubber stamps :o) & a heap of other goodies, great prices. they have another store in Batemans bay as well but didnt get a chance to go down there. bummer they dont have an internet site.

will put up some pics when i get DH to put them on my computer :o)

i go in to see the dietitian on friday for my weigh in, im pretty excited as it will be 2 weeks since my last one so fingers XXed

start date Saturday 21st October
week ending 28th October 3.3 kilos lost :o)