Sunday, July 31, 2011

Craft Room update 2

my old bookcase now distressed white, giving/gave away one whole shelf of books & magazines

shelves with the draws, i have not sorted it all out yet so it will be changed around when i get some more time

this was my computer table. it is a square dinning table that was once round & painted dark green, i striped  & hand painted the dolls about 15 years ago & its still in great shape.

this is my new computer table, i came home on monday night to find it already set up. 'A' had the boys at work make it for me after work on monday. its fits very nice in the corner & its heaps smaller. the flat screen is also new to me 'A' got himself a bigger one. this is my first flat screen & i like it, my other one was one of the old giant ones that take up most of your desk hence the dinning table.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Craft room update

my new room colour is called Harbour from the Nippon colour book with a gloss white trim, the floor is a large terracotta tile not my taste but goes with the blue. i am going for all white furniture with red as an accent.
except for my high work tables they will stay as they are.
the cube shelf you can see 'A' made me a few years ago i have a matching pair, they have six draws between them, they sat in that spot 'above' side by side. i decided i didn't want it like that any more so 'A' cut  the top three shelves off one them & screwed it to the top of the other.

i think it works better like this it takes up less floor space. i also painted my book shelves white to match my kitchen dresser.

i have some custom made furniture that i will post about tomorrow.
as you can see in the other pictures my room has a pretty large window, double glazed so it keeps it cool in summer but in winter when the sun is lower it warms this room up very nicely but also makes it very bright so my computer screen is hard to see. so yesterday i had spotlight out to measure up for some roller blinds we already had three installed in out dining family room  & they are great. as spotlight had 30% off i ordered one for here & one each for the boys rooms at $659 all up. they are fabric block out roller blinds & the colour is called Palm Beach so an off white with a brushed stainless long the bottom.
i also painted another room this weekend & son number 1 is already moved back in but more on that later.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Paint every weekend

last weekend was the 3rd weekend in a row that found me with paint brush in hand, this time it was my craft room.

dont mind the mess, i had been cleaning out heaps of stuff & putting it up on Freecycle. well that will account for a little of the mess the rest well it has pretty much been a work in progress since we moved in, when was that again oh yes 2 years ago.
our whole house is/was painted 3 colours, pink in the main bedroom, mauve in the bath & toilet & yellow in every other room, needless to say i am not a fan of yellow any more.

it took me until lunch time on the friday to empty the room, boy do i ever have a lot of stuff.

by friday night the ceiling was finished & one coat on the walls,[ but not this colour]
but what colour you might ask, well you will have to wait till tomorrow night to find out. ok maybe a little clue it is a cool colour & goes well with red.

every thursday i have been buying 1 or 2 tins of paint i plan on painting every weekend until i am through the whole house or until im too tired out & will need a rest.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Paint

new paint makes tired & old look happy & clean
the last 2 weekends i have been in the land of rollers & brushes.
as some of you may know i have a mauve bathroom & toilet with those lovely small square tiles on the floor. last year we put in a new white toilet through the scheme that sydney water had going. so out went the mauve toilet & a shiny new white one came to live. in our bathroom we don't have a window, we do how ever have a skylight & a fan. the mould problem in the bathroom was getting out of control & spending a couple of hours once a month cleaning it was just ridiculous. so a full friday de moulding the ceiling then a saturday painting it & today came the nice new wall colour called Harmony from the Nippon retro colour chart. Green & Mauve really do go well together. its still an old bathroom but now it looks clean & until we can afford to put in a whole new bathroom this will have to do.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Time for a new read

ever since we redid the kitchen i have been looking for a clock & i finally found one.
the things it had to have were numbers as i hate roman numerals & it had to be Red.
JACKPOT!  numbers, red & its made of wood. it was priced at $29 but when i went to pay for it it came down to $11 how cool is that.
i think it goes very nice with my duck & apron/bag rack

Angus & Robinson is closing down so they had 40%, 50% & 60% off, this little lot cost me $72
they are what i call easy reads & as i catch the train every day i go through a lot of books.