Saturday, July 02, 2011

Time for a new read

ever since we redid the kitchen i have been looking for a clock & i finally found one.
the things it had to have were numbers as i hate roman numerals & it had to be Red.
JACKPOT!  numbers, red & its made of wood. it was priced at $29 but when i went to pay for it it came down to $11 how cool is that.
i think it goes very nice with my duck & apron/bag rack

Angus & Robinson is closing down so they had 40%, 50% & 60% off, this little lot cost me $72
they are what i call easy reads & as i catch the train every day i go through a lot of books.

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Chris said...

Winter is the perfect time for red, isn't it! That colour radiates warmth. But I must confess I quite like that green too.

Green is my fav colour. :)

Funny thing about clocks is I hate the roman numerals ones too! I actually had my favourite clock break down on me recently. Instead of buying a new one I gutted it and put it's clock face and hands on an old roman numerals clock I had sitting in the cupboard, LOL.

But I'm happy to part with money for a good buy on something that brings enjoyment to the homefront too. Like I'll spend money on a good wooden pepper mill, instead of buying the cheap plastic ones.

Pepper is also a great thing to eat during winter!

Mmm...pepper stew. ;)

Love how the home decor is coming along. It takes time gathering the right things at the right price, doesn't it.