Friday, July 17, 2009

Concrete Laundry Tub

Down beside the shed we found a single concrete laundry tub &
the legs were under the house.
we have been renovating our laundry {before & after pics to come later}
& i was going to use it in there but thought it would look great out in the yard.
we have put it down at the bottom tap near the chook yard
very convenient for washing out water & food bowls.

the legs are buried part of the way so the sink
would fit under the tap & to give it stability

sink on, perfect height
dont ya just lov the Green inside the tub

next we layed stand stone pavers
i have been carrying these around for years,
it is great to see some have found a home

i also planted some violets in between the stone.

Finished :o)
today i will pick up some pipe so i can run the water from the waste
to the large Daphne bush pictured behind the tub

Saturday, July 11, 2009

In the Chook Yard

Miss Black, Brown Betty Twins & Miss Grey

a new fence with mesh concreted in the trench
& Miss Sally walking the line

Back filled,
we will be joining another lot of chook wire on top

New Gate Posts
we reused the old gate
looking back toward the house

Miss Sally standing guard
waiting for me to come out of the chook yard

Last Saturday i came home with these 3 baby girls
the baby grey is a blue
the white is a white
& the silver grey is a

all three are still in the shed on their own during the day
Miss Black is pretty mean,
all she wants to do is chase them & peck.

hopefully next Friday i will let them out
in the yard for a bit,

in a separate yard & see how they go.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our Town

A photographic tour

Our Street

Rail Line across the road
{Freight Train}

Controversial Community Hall
{as seen from my front yard}

{of which i am now a member}

Rick Rutherfords Country Store

Antique Store

Lawson Bowling Club
{of which we are now members of}

Old Girls School
{whats left of it}

Path to the Station

Station Tunnel


{something you dont see much of any more out side of schools}

War Memorial
Memorial Walk
{lined with Soldier plaques}

The Shops they won't be tearing down
{such a pity}

The Hotel
under renovations to restore it to its former beauty

Road Works
Something New

Community Centre & School Hall

Vet Surgery

New Road
{for all the new shops}