Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our Town

A photographic tour

Our Street

Rail Line across the road
{Freight Train}

Controversial Community Hall
{as seen from my front yard}

{of which i am now a member}

Rick Rutherfords Country Store

Antique Store

Lawson Bowling Club
{of which we are now members of}

Old Girls School
{whats left of it}

Path to the Station

Station Tunnel


{something you dont see much of any more out side of schools}

War Memorial
Memorial Walk
{lined with Soldier plaques}

The Shops they won't be tearing down
{such a pity}

The Hotel
under renovations to restore it to its former beauty

Road Works
Something New

Community Centre & School Hall

Vet Surgery

New Road
{for all the new shops}


greenfumb said...

I was up there the other day to get my chooks, it will be great when it's finished. And doesn't it have the best monthly market?

Have your girls settled in ok?

earthmotherwithin said...

I was there just last year to visit Rick at his shop! I know that tunnel, that community centre etc etc. How exciting - now I can picture your town. Are you on Rick's side of the railway or the other?

Good to have you posting back with us.

Jacqui said...

I was going for a constitutional the other day, to drop something off at my friend's place, and walking the long way home spied a very familiar chooky house in the driveway!! What a great spot - those blocks are HUGE (went to a garage sale down there once). And guess what? Rick Rutherford gave me my first job after I finished uni. It was the 90s recession and I walked door to door around all the publishing houses til I got a casual stint at Universal Magazines. I still have the reference he wrote me! Haven't revealed myself as I'm sure he wouldn't remember but I pop in there from time to time. My favourite is Badgery's Attic - the old couple who run it are lovely. Welcome to the neighbourhood! Have to have all you locals around for some food soon.

Chris said...

Looks like a great community to be part of. I love the historical buildings. There are certain areas around Brisbane (Qld) that maintain much of that old world charm too.

Glad you're settling in and getting about the neighbourhood. :)

mountainwildlife said...

Welcome to the ever-changing neighbourhood! Those places all look very familiar... I'm just a minute up the road. I especially love our old Lawson library.
Hopefully the new 'town centre' will have a bit of charm