Saturday, July 11, 2009

In the Chook Yard

Miss Black, Brown Betty Twins & Miss Grey

a new fence with mesh concreted in the trench
& Miss Sally walking the line

Back filled,
we will be joining another lot of chook wire on top

New Gate Posts
we reused the old gate
looking back toward the house

Miss Sally standing guard
waiting for me to come out of the chook yard

Last Saturday i came home with these 3 baby girls
the baby grey is a blue
the white is a white
& the silver grey is a

all three are still in the shed on their own during the day
Miss Black is pretty mean,
all she wants to do is chase them & peck.

hopefully next Friday i will let them out
in the yard for a bit,

in a separate yard & see how they go.


greenfumb said...

They look lovely Nicole, hope they're a bit tamer than my new Wyandottes.

Nicole said...

they come when i call them & lov the pats, but im sure when they are bigger & with the other hens they will be just as hard to catch

Anne said...

The chook yard looks great.

Hopefully with in the year we will have enough saved up and well get our own place. Mid to upper mountains we are looking at.

You never know we might be neighbours.:)

I can't wait to have chook again. Have you ever had a problem with snakes near the chook shed?

mountainwildlife said...

Lovely chooks - did you buy the wyandottes locally? I want some more chooks (wyandottes or light sussex) after winter but can't seem to find any for miles....

Jacqui said...

are the new girls from the same breeder as before? They are lovely. What a nice spacious yard they have too! Sounds like you are settling in well.

Nicole said...

same breeder as before he is
out at Bathurst

have not had any trouble with snakes
good luck with the saving Anne, we never thought we would ever buy a home but it goes to show you just never know you luck

Jacqui you will have to pop in for a cupper

Chris said...

Looks like you're having fun! A lot of work but great peace of mind when it's finished. Can't have too many chooks in my books. ;)