Monday, January 26, 2009

The Casino Theme

Saturday night we went to my niece's 21st B'Day with a casino theme {don't ya just love themes & dressing up its heaps of fun}.
we had a great time :o) i went as a show girl

& to continue the Casino theme A & i went into the city yesterday {track work, so was a combination of buses & trains}. caught the ferry over to Darling Harbour, lov traveling on Ferries But not on the Cats they just arnt the same. the water was quite choppy so made for a fun journey.
walked over to Star City gambled a bit then went up to Sean's Kitchen for some lunch, wow what a meal, A had a Rabbit Pie with Green Beans & i had a 400g Rib Eye Steak, hot crusty rolls & to drink a Matador. we will be going there again :o)
went back down to the casino floor for a bit more gambling, came home $50 richer :o)
wondered around Darling Harbour for a bit then walked up to the Apple store so A could get some new ear phones {got an ipod touch for Christmas}. then over to David Jones for a new wooden spoon :o)

to get home it was either a bus from Central first stop Penrith {no where near enough buses for the amount of people & only run every hour it was pathetic} then a train home or the option we took was a train to Granville then a bus to St Marys, train to Penrith & then a train up the mountains, going this way was heaps better, plenty of room & heaps of buses running & the train was just about empty. running 2 buses every hour for an 8 carriage train is just ridiculous & they expect you to buy a ticket.

thank you for all my B'day wishes, & id like to say a late Happy B'day to Deb who has hers a few days before mine :o)

Friday, January 16, 2009


well its Happy Birthday to me 37 , wow do the years fly by
today will be spent just like any other day, feeding people & animals, doing the washing, a bit a house work, 40 mins on the Wii Fit. haven't had a Birthday Party since i was 18, it might be nice to have one again but i don't want to have to organise my own party so don't think it will happen.
my boys really are not organised when it comes to these things i am the one who usually reminds them / nags them to go shopping for gifts & stuff. the good thing about today is i don't have to make tea tonight :o)
well that's it for now, the washing machine is beeping to let me know its finished & Sally is crying at the door

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Gates

we did not have a back gate so all the kangaroos & other wildlife would come in & eat all my veggies so i put up to pieces of iron in September. it has worked pretty well.

now that we have Sally it just wasn't good enough so yesterday we purchased 2 farm gates.
the ground is nowhere near level so one is a bit higher than the other & there was a bit of a gap but we solved that with some iron attached to one of the gates & chicken wire over the mesh down to the ground, so little Sally can not wiggle through.

while working on the gates a neighbour who we have not met but who has a great veggie garden out the back {i am always walking down to have a look at their garden} popped down to ask we would like some cucumbers as they had way too many, smiling i said yes please & he handed over 4 large green cucumbers. cucumbers are my fav salad food i pretty much eat them every day. i think his name was Brian {im not good with names, so it will be Brian unless i find out other wise} asked if we would like some corn for the chooks as it was not good enough for the kitchen & of course said yes. he came back with a bag full of sweet corn & at lease a dozen sunflower heads. we chatted about his garden & my chooks for a bit & i offered him some eggs when the girls start to lay, then he was on his way back to his gardening.

i hope this is the beginning of new friends & new things to learn.
oh & last nights cucumber had a very mellow taste mmmm {dont ya just hate bitter cucumbers}

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Years

do you make them?
do you keep them?
are they reachable?
or are they unrealistic?

i don't make them & never will, it just seems ridiculous to me.
i do how ever have goals.
whats the difference you may ask,

well for one, i don't set a time limit, that way i am not disappointed when other things/life gets in the way

some may be a struggle to reach but they are never imposable

i never set myself up to fail

life is a journey & just because you have goals does not mean you cant have fun & break the rules along the way, after all you only live once

goals may be added too or taken away as things change, you just never know whats around the corner

Goal Starter List

as of today i am back on my Tony Ferguson Diet {boy is it easy to put the weight back on :-/}

i am also going to not buy unnecessary electrical items, i am not really a gadget
person so my aim is to try & talk A out of buying said items {mmm wish me luck} an air conditioner is at the top of his list. my argument is we only get about 3 or 4 really hot days a year so it really will be a waste of money.

i only buy Australian food products as well as other items found at the grocery store so now
i am also going to try buy other products that are made in Australia & stay away from any products that come from over seas in particular China, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find items made in Australia from Australian products. China seems to have a big foot hold here & it is very worrying, their items are cheaper but the quality is disgraceful but even so people buy them & in doing so put our local companies out of business.

to buy land & build a home, this goal is not just mine it is also A's
as i am now working this goal could become a reality & not just a dream :o)

& as always to be the best person that i can be

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mustang Sally

our new family member now has a name
Mustang Sally
well that's what will be on her kennel
but she will be known to one & all as Sally

Friday, January 02, 2009


January 1st 2009 saw us come home with a new member to our family

she belongs to our youngest son, as of yet she dosent have a name but hopefully by the end of today she will. she is a boxer X & quite well behaved for 8 weeks old.
she slept all night last night & was playing happily at 6.30 this morning when i came out.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rooster in the house

well its official Big Bertha is a rooster
& doesn't he act like one, strutting around the yard, fluffing up his neck feathers
he is twice the size of the others & hes not fully grown
& at 5am this morning he started crowing
i am hoping to swap him over in a week or so
which is a pity as he is very handsome. if he didn't crow then he would stay but i don't want the neighbours to complain to the council.