Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mustang Sally

our new family member now has a name
Mustang Sally
well that's what will be on her kennel
but she will be known to one & all as Sally


Jacqui said...

aw she's very cute! Did you see Lucy C.'s video last year of the chicks with the dogs? It can work!

Thanks for the comments on my latest sewing project - the fabric was a present from a friend who bought it off eBay a few years back. I've been trawling around today to see if I could find it or something similar - there is HEAPS on there! Frustratingly though, most of it is cut for quilting into things called Fat Quarters and is often a few cms short of what I need to make more (I could be on a roll here)(it takes 90cm wide x 50 cms high)(I'm crap at maths - took me a while to figure this out).

greenfumb said...

She looks sooo cute. Hope she hasn't eaten any of your shoes, our dog ate everything in site for months, especially shoes. x Deb