Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rooster in the house

well its official Big Bertha is a rooster
& doesn't he act like one, strutting around the yard, fluffing up his neck feathers
he is twice the size of the others & hes not fully grown
& at 5am this morning he started crowing
i am hoping to swap him over in a week or so
which is a pity as he is very handsome. if he didn't crow then he would stay but i don't want the neighbours to complain to the council.


Jacqui said...

oh he's a beauty! What a shame you can't keep him. I think M. found out that the BMCC says we can have one rooster and 12 hens but you don't want to upset your neighbours which is why we've always given in and let ours the ones we had crowed all through the night - not just at dawn so I wasn't sorry they found new homes in the end.

Darren (Green Change) said...

One of our chicks grew into a rooster, too! Our council doesn't allow roosters in residential areas, plus he was crowing outside our neighbours' bedroom at 5:00 am, so he had to go.

dl said...

wow what a stunning looking bird! Such a shame, roosters always look so beautiful.