Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Gates

we did not have a back gate so all the kangaroos & other wildlife would come in & eat all my veggies so i put up to pieces of iron in September. it has worked pretty well.

now that we have Sally it just wasn't good enough so yesterday we purchased 2 farm gates.
the ground is nowhere near level so one is a bit higher than the other & there was a bit of a gap but we solved that with some iron attached to one of the gates & chicken wire over the mesh down to the ground, so little Sally can not wiggle through.

while working on the gates a neighbour who we have not met but who has a great veggie garden out the back {i am always walking down to have a look at their garden} popped down to ask we would like some cucumbers as they had way too many, smiling i said yes please & he handed over 4 large green cucumbers. cucumbers are my fav salad food i pretty much eat them every day. i think his name was Brian {im not good with names, so it will be Brian unless i find out other wise} asked if we would like some corn for the chooks as it was not good enough for the kitchen & of course said yes. he came back with a bag full of sweet corn & at lease a dozen sunflower heads. we chatted about his garden & my chooks for a bit & i offered him some eggs when the girls start to lay, then he was on his way back to his gardening.

i hope this is the beginning of new friends & new things to learn.
oh & last nights cucumber had a very mellow taste mmmm {dont ya just hate bitter cucumbers}

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Anne said...

I have lots cucumbers at the moment too.:)
Katie loves them.