Tuesday, October 18, 2011


spent 6 hours mowing the lawn today, i think we could really use a ride on mower

the girls love mower days because they get heaps of grass clipping to scratch through

hiding out under the mulberry tree

a treat while i clean out the chook shed.

 all the top straw went on the the potato beds & all the bottom stuff, dirt, poo, damp straw went onto the compost.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Veggie Yard

another day in the veggie yard, a few weeks ago we had a load of dirt, cow & mushroom mix delivered & today i used up the last of it for beds #6 & #7. bed 5 is the only one that has not been made yet.
bed #6 will be for the bush tomatoes.

the two pots of either side of the gate are for chilli plants.

this is bed #7 it is a corner bed, on one side i have planted bush beans & on the other sugar snap peas

if your wondering where all the mulch went from yesterday it is now the walk ways around the beds. it makes its much softer to walk/ kneel on & keeps grass & weeds down.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


last year we purchased a big chipper, we just had a very small one when we lived in Linden but with the amount of trees here we needed something with a little more grunt.

we got 3 barra loads of mulch from down the back & another one from the hedge out the front.
it makes a big job very easy & pretty quick.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

crochet blanket

Pink & Chocolate Brown is the colour combo, i have been working on these squares for way too long. i have 30 in the basket which kind of sounds a lot but as a blanket not so much.  i think it was about 64 squares the red, white, blue & beige blanket & this one im thinking of making it into a single so at 30 im not even half way. i really like to crochet blankets but i really need to sell or give some away as im getting quite a few stacked up in the cupboard.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sheets to dust cloths

when your old flannel sheets become thin cut them up into dust/cleaning rags
i let the fabric dictate the size of each cloth & then fold in half & stitch around the edge.
they are soft enough to polish & strong enough scrub with.
they last quite a long time esp the ones that are cut from the edge of the sheet as its usually still like new.
they can also be used to make wee wipes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

sew some fun

cup mats, mug rugs but i prefer coaster.
i saw one of these on flickr & wanted to make my own

a home for my tea cup

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yard Work

another day spent in the yard, thank goodness for all this beautiful weather.

a friend from work pulled out some garden beds last christmas & i took all the stone. they have been sitting down the side since the beginning of the year & i thought it was about time i used it.
son #1 wheelbarrowed it down the back & helped me set it out. there were a few adjustments as the rock was already set in cement, but nothing a hammer & rock hammer couldn't fix. just enough for 2 garden beds.

they are on either side of the chook gate. the small one on the left used up the left over stone.

the larger one goes from the gate & up to the tree.
the reason for the garden was 2 weekends ago Sally decided she wanted to visit the old lady next door she stretched & worked the wire till she could fit through. so that morning after i got her back through the fence. A' & i used 3 sheets of metal from an old bird aviary & 2 bags of concrete. no more visits :o) the cat will be relieved.
i moved the stone & dug them all in, it only goes to the end of the tin. i couldn't have gone any further even if i wanted to as there were heaps of big tree roots. the only thing left was 3 pieces of concrete.
i think they turned out pretty good & now there will be no complaints about it all sitting around & when am i going to use it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Veggie Garden

with no work i have plenty of time to get things done, esp all the things that keep getting put off
yesterday A' & i finally finished off the fencing around the veggie yard now miss Sally girl cant get in well fingers crossed.
i pretty much worked all day 9 till 4.30, needless to say i am a little tired now.

first up i built a trellis well not first as i had to cut the branches first & play tug of war with Sally Girl, she loves it when we prune the trees. sooo much fun to be had.

bed #1 is half purple beans & half yellow zucchini & down the centre because it likes shade is 2 rows of english spinach.
bed #2 is two types of beetroot
bed #3 is spring onions then globe onions & at the end is bok choy

bed #8 along the fence was just a huge pile of dirt that i moved today & is now home to sunflowers along the back. at the right hand end are 3 types of carrots, then 2 types of cucumber that will climb the flower stalks as well as attach to the wire fence & right at the end are the only 2 strawberry plants that are left after Miss Sally got a hold of them.
there are 3 trees in front of bed #8 a fig, peach & a lemon.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


for those of you who read my blog every now & then you my remember this skirt below, it is one of my favourites. i love the skulls but i especially love the cherries.
Simplicity pattern #4595 & the skirt is view D.
one of the best things about this skirt besides how quick it is to make is the elastic waist. ooo elastic waist you might say but it has two very good things about it, 1 it is comfortable & 2 if you put on a bit of weight or even loose a bit of weight it still fits nice, the same cant be said about a fitted skirt with a zipper.

the sunday before son #2's year 12 graduation i decided i wanted to make a new skirt to wear.

this one i like again because of the skull fabric but i think the red gingham with the black lace is very cute.
gingham reminds me of table cloths & Bar-B-Q's.

this one is the one i wore to the graduation. i really love tartan, i used this fabric to make a long wrap around winter skirt last year.

i think spots are cute & teaming it with the tartan & the lace works well. i sewed a satin ribbon all the way around & the bow can be made larger or smaller.
i teamed this skirt with a black singlet, a black t-shirt over that, a cute black cardigan with my nurses watch pinned to it, my new Red Back work boots & this cute old hand bag.