Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yard Work

another day spent in the yard, thank goodness for all this beautiful weather.

a friend from work pulled out some garden beds last christmas & i took all the stone. they have been sitting down the side since the beginning of the year & i thought it was about time i used it.
son #1 wheelbarrowed it down the back & helped me set it out. there were a few adjustments as the rock was already set in cement, but nothing a hammer & rock hammer couldn't fix. just enough for 2 garden beds.

they are on either side of the chook gate. the small one on the left used up the left over stone.

the larger one goes from the gate & up to the tree.
the reason for the garden was 2 weekends ago Sally decided she wanted to visit the old lady next door she stretched & worked the wire till she could fit through. so that morning after i got her back through the fence. A' & i used 3 sheets of metal from an old bird aviary & 2 bags of concrete. no more visits :o) the cat will be relieved.
i moved the stone & dug them all in, it only goes to the end of the tin. i couldn't have gone any further even if i wanted to as there were heaps of big tree roots. the only thing left was 3 pieces of concrete.
i think they turned out pretty good & now there will be no complaints about it all sitting around & when am i going to use it.

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Chris said...

What a score with the stone. I love garden beds made with rocks. They look natural and weather incredibly well too. :)