Sunday, October 09, 2011


for those of you who read my blog every now & then you my remember this skirt below, it is one of my favourites. i love the skulls but i especially love the cherries.
Simplicity pattern #4595 & the skirt is view D.
one of the best things about this skirt besides how quick it is to make is the elastic waist. ooo elastic waist you might say but it has two very good things about it, 1 it is comfortable & 2 if you put on a bit of weight or even loose a bit of weight it still fits nice, the same cant be said about a fitted skirt with a zipper.

the sunday before son #2's year 12 graduation i decided i wanted to make a new skirt to wear.

this one i like again because of the skull fabric but i think the red gingham with the black lace is very cute.
gingham reminds me of table cloths & Bar-B-Q's.

this one is the one i wore to the graduation. i really love tartan, i used this fabric to make a long wrap around winter skirt last year.

i think spots are cute & teaming it with the tartan & the lace works well. i sewed a satin ribbon all the way around & the bow can be made larger or smaller.
i teamed this skirt with a black singlet, a black t-shirt over that, a cute black cardigan with my nurses watch pinned to it, my new Red Back work boots & this cute old hand bag.

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Chris said...

I've been meaning to leave a comment once you put this post up.

While the cut wouldn't suit my figure shape, I do like the attention to detail you've put into them.

I sewed all the details on my wedding dress, so I know the thought which goes into it. Makes it just that little bit more complicated too. When you've finished however, you realise it was worth with. :)