Wednesday, September 28, 2011

About Time

we need to watch our pennies even more now as i quit my job on Monday & until i find a new one things will be tight.
so i thought i would start with emptying my downstairs fridge/ freezer & turning it off, as you can see below there was not much in it & such a waste of power/money. its usually full of drinks & chook scraps from work.

i moved all the frozen items over to the big box freezer

i have a limited amount of money in my bank so i will be running a tally of all spending, to start me off

Tuesday- train ticket $5.40
               food $16.65
i spent most of Tuesday morning dropping of resumes in Leura & Katoomba, i dont know how successful this will be but you have to get out there & try.

i feel good about finally quitting my job, however i will miss my friends & all the food for my chooks.
i felt like i was being taken advantage of by my bosses & working in a factory full of woman is really hard, especially when your the one who has people coming at you from both sides.
well enough about that, its a new day & a new start lets hope i dont stuff it up :o)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinning Table

son #2 graduated year 12 on Thursday night & for his wood technology project he made me an extension dinning table. he came second :o) for the table & third over all in the year. we are so proud of him & the table is beautiful.

the table top is made from Sydney Red Gum
the table surround/frame is made from New Guinea Rose wood

the legs are gum, rose wood & then gum sandwiched together

when it is all 3 pieces it will seat 12 comfortably or 15 if you need it

the room is big enough so it will always be the three pieces.  i will need to make new table cloths or maybe sew some of the ones i have together.
now i am on the look out for chairs. i want a bench seat for one side, 2 carver chairs for the ends & chairs for the other side. but for now our old 70's plastic orange chairs will have to do.

Teen Boy Cards

from an old 45 to a unique teen boy card

Bite Me record label 

the stamps are from Tickled Pink stamps, i used water colour pencils. there is enough room on the front to write your message.

same stamp coloured different, used a Tim Holtz texture fades 'bricked & woodgrain'

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crochet T-Shirt Rug

i have finally finished my T-Shirt Rug. i started it in June 2008. for those who have not seen this before it is made up of all my boys t-shirts that i have collected over the years.
cut off all the seams & sleeves, then do a continuous cut 2cm [1inch] & roll into a ball. i used a 6.5mm steel hook. all single crochet.

lots of ends to weave in

the finished size is 1meter x 1.3 meters. it weighs 5kg & has 97 rows.

this took so long to make for two reasons,
1 i had to wait for the t-shirts
2 it is very hard on my hand & wrist so i could only work on it for short periods of time. i think it turned out great, now to keep Miss Sally Girl off it will be a challenge.

this mat is made up of hessian braided together & sewn together with brickies string. i made this for my foot peddle as i was sick of it sliding.

Miss Sally Girl right behind my chair supervising

Braided Floor Rug
The Start of the Crochet Rug
 Crochet Rug Progress