Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Winter or Spring

Sunday was a beautiful warm day, not a cloud in sight. spent most of the day in the garden, weeding, watering & making a new wood chip path. wiled away the afternoon in the sun joining the last of the 70's crochet blanket squares into long strips. then onto my crocheted t-shirt floor rug, i can only do a small amount at a time on this as it hurts your hand after a while.

Saturday A & i went to have a look at a couple of kit homes in Emu Plains, we are thinking about buy some land & building a kit home. it is a huge step, that size loan scares me a lot.

Monday morning i went out the back to hang the washing out & found white crunchy grass & the bird bath water frozen & ice on the veranda, this is the most frost we have had this year.

i baked all the cookies, plus my new recipe was a Hummingbird Cake. Minestrone soup & zucchini bread for tea.
& today we are back to spring weather, no clouds, a slight breeze, beautiful & warm.

ALS challenge for this month is Stock your pantry, & i am well on the way.
today my goal is to clean it up as it seems that a lot of items just get thrown in any old way & its a bit of a mess. so ill tidy it up & make a list of all the items that need restocking. this week is also my use it up week. Sunday we started by eating all the leftovers in the fridge & a couple from the freezer. for the rest of the week i will be cooking up all those odd bits & bobs in the freezer. you know like 1 piece of steak, 2 sausages that type of thing. so my freezer is all ready for the organic side of beef that comes next month.

Friday i purchased the cotton to make some dish cloths, but i wont be starting them until i have finished another project, other wise i end up with 20 odd things on the go at once.

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