Monday, August 04, 2008

weekend items

i cooked on Saturday this week, starting with Left Over Cake - i used left over apple sauce & left over sultana bran to make an Apple & Sultana slab cake. Peanut Cookies, 100's & 1000's cookies, Honey Jumbles & an Orange loaf of bread for sundays breakfast {the boys said it tasted more like orange cake instead of bread, but very nice toasted with butter}

i layed out the patches for the 70's blanket & they are all stacked into rows ready to sew together, its a queen size blanket & i had a few left over squares so i will crochet up some more to make a couch blanket.

this if before i layed out all the squares

Sunday i made a big meat pie & peeled & cut the potato's ready for tea.
spent the rest of the morning & some of the afternoon out in the yard. turned the compost that now has lots of wriggly worms in it, potted up some seedlings, some weeding, repotted a hibiscus with nice new soil & added a couple of sunshine yellow Daisy's around the outside.
BIL & SIL came over for the afternoon & for tea. spent some time bird watching in the warm afternoon sun, then got down to some scrapbooking, well none for me i just helped Wendy with hers.
Meat Pie, mashed potato's, beans & carrots for tea.
they also took home the 3 cockateils we had & they will go into a nice big avery with lots of Birdy friends.

oh & this is something we saw when we were walking around the city last week after the Organic Expo

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