Friday, August 01, 2008

Organic Expo

last Saturday A & I went to the organic expo down at Darling Harbour.
it was a bit of a brain over load. there were quite a few exhibitors who's product came from over seas & these we were not interested in at all.
the high light for us was Organic beef, we spoke to Richard the owner, he showed us through his web site which is fantastic, tried some of his beef that was mouth watering & when we asked if he delivers up the mountains he said "we do now".
this weekend we will be ordering 2 sides one to be delivered in a few weeks & the other in a few months. if you order a whole cow in 12 months you get a free freezer, but as we already have a huge box freezer we will be getting $250 off our order.

on the Quilt front, i am just over a 1/4 of the way with the hand top stitching.
all of the ends have been tied in on my 70's crochet blanket, just needs laying out & then i can sew all the squares together.
still working on the floor rug.
haven't even touched the x-stitch but i live in hope that it will get finished in the near future.
2 Wednesdays ago i sewed 4 short skirts to go over jeans & one long winter skirt. ill take some pics on the weekend :o)

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earthmotherwithin said...

Keep up the good work on your craft projects! I have a number of unfinished ones myself.
Nevertheless, I am going to start some new ones.
A friend of mine has suggested I should tackle things that are smaller and easier to finish, so I am starting some fun Christmas sewing.
I am using some 'orphan' quilt blocks to make some Christmas hangings.
Don't forget to load those pix!