Sunday, April 30, 2006


My new friend Ali asked if she could use the pic of me from the "chat in 60 seconds" at embellished, wasnt really sure what she was going to do and no one had ever asked me if they could "scrap me" before so was a little unsure but said "ok, why not".
Well i went into the gallery today to find ME looking back at me. Ali did such an AWESOME job i lov it. It has made my week, she is such a sweety :o)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Good Stuff

My boys are back to school again next week, sooo that means back into my exercise routine. i dont like exercising but i really want to slim down quite a bit more and i cant do that with out jumping up & down and getting sweaty. So starting tuesday next week im getting back into my routine. 15mins of palate's, 10 mins hand weights & last but by no means least a power walk. & ill say it again i really dont like to exercise, but saying that i do feel great for the rest of the day so that is defiantly the up side.
Some of you know that i dont eat anything with fat or oil in it & it is great there are a couple of things i miss, like baked dinners and BBQs, but ill tell you i have never felt better.
& along the lines of eating better & feeling great ive also started drinking Green Tea.
Now i have never liked tea & coffee makes me sick, but a few weeks ago i thought id like to try Green Tea. It has no caffeine in it & is good for you {so im told}, so while i was out one day i purchased a nice new mug, just for me & picked up some tea at the supermarket.
now im hooked, i love it. & the rest as they say is history.
so for anyone who hasnt tried it, give it a go you just might like it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Blog New Day

well im finally back up & running again, there is way too much news so im not even going to try to add any of it.
instead here is one of my fav LOs for April