Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Good Stuff

My boys are back to school again next week, sooo that means back into my exercise routine. i dont like exercising but i really want to slim down quite a bit more and i cant do that with out jumping up & down and getting sweaty. So starting tuesday next week im getting back into my routine. 15mins of palate's, 10 mins hand weights & last but by no means least a power walk. & ill say it again i really dont like to exercise, but saying that i do feel great for the rest of the day so that is defiantly the up side.
Some of you know that i dont eat anything with fat or oil in it & it is great there are a couple of things i miss, like baked dinners and BBQs, but ill tell you i have never felt better.
& along the lines of eating better & feeling great ive also started drinking Green Tea.
Now i have never liked tea & coffee makes me sick, but a few weeks ago i thought id like to try Green Tea. It has no caffeine in it & is good for you {so im told}, so while i was out one day i purchased a nice new mug, just for me & picked up some tea at the supermarket.
now im hooked, i love it. & the rest as they say is history.
so for anyone who hasnt tried it, give it a go you just might like it.

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Karen said...

Nicole... I LOVE that mug! Its wicked! so glad you have found a hot drink you love... I think I would die if I didn't have a hot drink to console me in winter... they keep me a live!...LOL
Exercise.. yeah BLAH! ALTHOUGH I have to get on the band wagon myself after I have this baby...I hate being a big girl...and I want to get myself healthy again!

So nice to see you back again... I know I said it before but it really is. I've missed you!