Monday, August 25, 2008

Hen House & Seeds

at long last the marine ply found its way to our house on Thursday night, all pre cut & ready to go. it has taken so long because the boys had a lot of work on & could not get it cut.
on Saturday A, S & i pre drilled & screwed all the pieces on to the frame, A cut out the heart shapes on the 2 side walls & on the door. i sanded it all & then unscrewed all the pieces ready for a coat of paint. S & i put up the chicken wire on 2 sides & the star pickets on the other side.

today saw me painting in the beautiful sunshine, hopefully tomorrow i will finish off all the Green work & make a start on the Red work {floor, door & iron for the roof}.

this week also saw the delivery of my organic seeds from Green Patch & Eden Organic.
Saturday i planted out a few seed potato's in black pots / recycle bin.
Sunday i dug up the grass for a new garden bed, i am in need a some bricks as i don't have enough left to make the border, so have been on the look out for a few weeks, just no luck yet.
also made a mini green house/cold frame with the left over 1/2 & 1/4 bricks laying around & topped it off with a piece of the alsanite that came off the veranda roof. don't know how it will go but we will just have to wait & see.

today i also spied the first flower heads on the peas Wooo Hooo
after painting i sowed the first of the new seeds, Onions, Radish & Cabbage into the spaces in the garden bed & in starter pots into the new green house of Capsicum- Californian Wonder & Golden Wonder, these will be grown in big pots as my garden space is limited.

no time for cooking on Sunday so i spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon
new recipe is Chocolate short bread {turned out more like cake} got the thumbs up
an old recipe from the Woman's Weekly cook book Lunch Box Cookies
second new recipe is Amish Sugar Cookies { uses a lot of butter & sugar} may not make these again.
Pictures tomorrow

Working on List
70s Blanket {only 4 more rows to sew on}
Patchwork Quilt {1/4 of the way through the top stitching}
Floor Rug {8 colours in & many more to go}
Advance Australia Cross-Stitch {just the wording to stitch}


Chooks'r'us said...

wow! that's one spiffy looking hen house. Did the frame come pre-fab or have you made it all from scratch?? We are in the middle of building one too but let's just say it's a bit more rustic! When I read all the things you've got going on it makes me dizzy! I'm keen to follow the old t-shirts into rug project as I have one very similar I'm dying to start. When are you getting your chooks? Have you decided which varieties? I got some good numbers today for some rare breeds and only $20 for a pair!

Chooks'r'us said...

I've just gone back and read the hen house posts - I'm so impressed!!

Nicole said...

wow $20 for a pair, maybe you could share your info in am email.
yep the hen house is from scratch.
as for the floor rug maybe we could get together some time to work on them