Friday, September 16, 2011

Crochet T-Shirt Rug

i have finally finished my T-Shirt Rug. i started it in June 2008. for those who have not seen this before it is made up of all my boys t-shirts that i have collected over the years.
cut off all the seams & sleeves, then do a continuous cut 2cm [1inch] & roll into a ball. i used a 6.5mm steel hook. all single crochet.

lots of ends to weave in

the finished size is 1meter x 1.3 meters. it weighs 5kg & has 97 rows.

this took so long to make for two reasons,
1 i had to wait for the t-shirts
2 it is very hard on my hand & wrist so i could only work on it for short periods of time. i think it turned out great, now to keep Miss Sally Girl off it will be a challenge.

this mat is made up of hessian braided together & sewn together with brickies string. i made this for my foot peddle as i was sick of it sliding.

Miss Sally Girl right behind my chair supervising

Braided Floor Rug
The Start of the Crochet Rug
 Crochet Rug Progress


Ariad said...

Love it, it looks great!

Tania @ Out Back said...

These look great, and what a great way to recycle. I must remember to try this with any of our old t shirts...

Gooseberry Jam said...

I love the t-shirt rug! Impressive way to recycle!! How do you wash it?

Nicole said...

it is way too heavy for my washing machine so either hand wash or just beat it on the line like they use to do will all rag/braided rugs

Tania- if you make one id love to see pictures :o)