Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 24

What can you make with a few pairs of shorts, 2 flannel shirts, a couple of cotton button up shirts, a dress & part of a flannel sheet

a mat of course

i started braiding this fabric about 5 years ago, yesterday morning i saw them spilling out onto my sewing table & decided to see if i could sew them together on my sewing machine. it was quite tight under the foot but i managed to get it together, had a bit more braiding to do to get it finished. i think it turned out pretty good. parts of the straight sides have a bit of a curl that the iron could not get out.
it now has a home under J's computer table, to keep his feet warm.
i am so pleased to have finished of an item that has been floating around for so long unfinished.


angelina said...

awesome. i too have an unfinished braided rug from old chenille bedspreads several years ago. when i get back to tasmania i hope i can finish too like you! the 'hand sewing' has put me off a bit, good to see a quicker way is feasable! did you have to use a special foot?

Anonymous said...

Wow I have often seen these mats in old magazines and thought I'd love to make one. Love love yours! Such thrifty crafts don't seem to so fashionable any more.
It might be a good ways to use up all the scraps left over from sewing too.

The Old Dairy said...

It looks fantastic.... I too have always wanted to have a go at making one but have never got around to it, you hae inspired me to give one a go..

Ariad said...

I love it. Years ago I made one out of crocheted strips of fabric. You have inspired me to have another go. I've got heaps of old fabric and clothes lying around...

Nicole said...

if any of you find the time to make one id lov to hear/see all about it.

angelin, i just used the zigzag foot & as i said it was a bit tight but i managed.