Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 18

Market Day today
A & i strolled up the market this morning on the way we stopped in at two garage sales {not much there.}
wondered round the market stalls, picked up some Lemon Myrtle goats milk soap {my fav} & Lemon Myrtle air freshiner.
you can also buy these products at
also something i have been looking for, for quite a while

a glass rolling pin, isnt she a beauty
i have quite a few pins in my collection but this one i will be using


JazyJae's said...

I saw you walk past my stall today! Great pin you got there!

Tricia said...

That glass rolling pin is an unreal find! Lovely! I have a little collection of rolling pins also - what i it that makes old rolling pins so appealing?

Nicole said...

Xena, sorry i didnt stop in to say hello i had forgotten that i said i would, how did you know it was me walking past ?

Tricia, im a kitchenalia fan, started out in jugs & bowls & it just went from there. do you collect anything else?

JazyJae's said...

It was the shoes, skirt and socks combo. I thought it had to be you with that same combo as your profile pictue.

Nicole said...

lol i should really make some new clothes