Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 17

A & i walked down to a garage sale this morning & i picked up this Willow Sifter for $3
now i have four so its definitely a collection now

we took some bread down for the chooks & i took 7 eggs out from under Miss Brown.
met the guy up the back & gave him 5 eggs & in return he gave me an arm load of rhubarb & also dug up two bulbs for me to plant.
who ever said doing something nice for someone doesn't pay you back twice as much
now what can i make, keeping in mind i no longer have an oven............


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greenfumb said...

I often just stew it and put in on my cereal or even eat it alone. Very nice with some ginger and sugar. My favourite is crumble but I guess you need an oven for that.