Friday, October 09, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 8 & 9

Well i cant seem to post everyday at the moment so every second day it will have to be
big shop last night & didn't get home till after 9, so nothing done last night.
super busy all day today,
varnished half the floor
did a few loads of washing, just about dry when it started to rain so finished it all off in the dryer.
not something i like to do but we were running out of clothes & i don't have an under cover place to put up a line.
the rest of the day was spent making food to go in the freezer
10 loaves of garlic bread
2 meat pies
spinach & cheese quiche
carrot & zucchini quiche
2 large bags of sliced onions
1 large bag of diced onions
also made a double batch of coconut cookies

tomorrow i will finish of the 2 chicken & veggie pies & the 2 lasagnas i started tonight
& make a few more cookies & a slice or two before i varnish the other side of the kitchen floor, when that's done the oven will be off limits for a couple of days.

now for something new
while i was out shopping i picked up a new face, hand cream {Full Cream} & lip balm {Cowlick}
all i can say is wow & I've only been using it for one day
they call it Moo Goo

i am in the kitchen a lot so i am always washing my hands & the same at work so my hands are supper dry & cracked. they look 15 years older than the rest of me.
i have used the Full Cream 4 times today & i can already see a slight improvement. its not overly expensive at about $18 & i think it is well worth a try.

well I'm just about running on empty so I'm off to bed

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Jacqui said...

how bizarre - was going to post about our Moo Goo purchases today! We're using the shampoo,conditioner and wash cream and it is all great and I think it is pretty reasonably priced too!