Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kitchen Renovation

Blogtoberfest- 2009 Day 3
Day 3- better later than never, now i just need to find the time to post every day. so here we go :o)

Kitchen Renovation

A few weeks ago we pulled up the lino in the kitchen & started to pry up the Masonite { think they used 10 boxes of nails on the Masonite Grrrrr} . last weekend we ripped out the kitchen, that was heaps of fun.

this kitchen was a knobbys kitchen

off come the wall cupboards & fridge surround, half that wall was gyprock & half fibro

there was a boxed out bit above the wall cupboards

the bench was rotted around the taps, water seeping through to the cupboards below

gyprock/fibro removed from stove wall & sink wall

last week all i had in the kitchen was the cooker, table & fridge. washing up in a bucket, just like camping - fun fun fun

Wednesday & Thursday night filled all the holes

Yesterday A & his brother sanded the floor, she came up pretty sweet. there were a lot of stains on it when we took up the masonite but the floor sander took them all off.

the green on the left is the one i will be using its called Green Thorns, its Taubmans colour

here is the new kitchen plan, sink in the same spot, Westinghouse 900 stainless gas cook top where the free standing oven was with a Robinhood stainless 900 canopy above.
the long wall is the pantry wall, starting from the large door way at the top of the picture, double pantry, Westinghouse stainless all fridge, single pantry with 2 internal draws at the bottom, Westinghouse stainless gas wall oven with an electric grill, above the oven is a cupboard with the microwave oven in it, below the oven are two draws. last is a double pantry.
Island bench with two lots of draw banks & two cupboards, plus a double power point {no cords across the floor} the island top is black stone with mirror flecks.
the other benches are a black & gray stone look laminex, splash back is brushed stainless laminex.
plain timber doors stained a mulberry red & the floor will be limed


Linda said...

Hi. You signed on after me, I've wondered what I have done this morning lol.

My kitchen is very similar to yours, our lino is definitely had it. Even the cut through sink? area is the same. My fridge though is in the laundry next to the kitchen.

Chris said...

I love a good demolition/renovation!

I'll be watching as your project develops. The floor looks good and should stain well. :)

greenfumb said...

Sounds fabulous, can't wait to see more photos. Glad to hear you will be blogging more. x Deb

JazyJae's said...

Wow I found your blog through the Blogtoberfest blog list. I Love your blog a lot and your a local girl too!

Mookah said...

I love renovating houses! Good luck with the project.