Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dual Flush

Yesterday found me answering the door to Sydney Water, i was to get a flash new dual flush toilet, very exciting.
you may ask yourself whats so exciting about getting a new toilet, well for me its all about how much water we will be saving & also the first step to turning the purple throne room into something much nicer.
so with out further ado, before & after

She is all ceramic Australian Made by Caroma, with the highest water rating of 4 stars {the only toilet to have the 6 star rating are urinals} 4.5lt full flush & 3lt half flush. $330 spread over the next 4 water bills. just too easy. took away the old toilet to be crushed & used in road base.


greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole,
my not very old toilet has ceased to flush and we are using buckets, wonder if Sydney water would come and replace mine!

Don't forget to blood and bone around your passionfruit, they love it. A friend always gives me a fish carcass to put under mine - slow release fertiliser.

Ariad said...

very exciting. We were excited too! To get our new 4* toilet. When you are on tank water it's more imperative, if not more exciting:)

Manda said...

Nice new loo! The next upgrade will be waterless. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until we replace our look with a composting one, like you the thought of all that potable water going to waste kills me!

Nicole said...

thanks for the tip deb, think ill skip the fish tho

greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole,
I've made an order with AO for next Wed I think. Only basic stuff this week.


Linda said...

I'm pretty sure I had a purple toilet once. It is amazing they are making you pay for a new toilet. At our newer house that we haven't quite moved into yet, we have to pay for a new sewerage system, I suppose the bills for it will come soon. Kind of puts it in a bit of perspective for me.