Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gardening Australia

Saturday found A & i at the Gardening Australia Show, we went last year for the first time & were a little disappointed, but it could have been an off year so we thought we would give it another go.
i came home with 2 shopping baskets, 2 books & 2 plants but saying that it was crap, these items i could have purchased from the internet. there was even less there than last year, its a pity as it could have been soo much more.
there were a lot of food & skin products & that's all great but some of the things we were after there was no sign of. on our list we had worms, canning supplies, dehydrator, solar ovens just to name a few.
it was a waste of $34 & our morning, i don't think we will be going next year.


Toria said...

I'm sorry that you didn't have a great time there. I haven't been to one of those shows in years, but I know how disappointing it is to spend time & money at a place & not get what you want. A show that had the stuff you were after would be a great show to go to.

If this helps, I found an ad for this company in Grass Roots Red Back Trading Company . Their ad said they sell the Mason preserving jars cheaper than other similar products available in Australia. I'm thinking of buying some jars & books from them before summer gets here.

Darren (Green Change) said...

I don't get why these sorts of expos charge you an entry fee just so that you can come in and buy stuff from the exhibitors. Surely it should be enough to just charge the exhibitors?

It's like a shopping center charging for entry. Who'd pay that?!

mountainwildlife said...

What a pity you didn't find what you wanted, we went on the Sunday and really enjoyed it, though the admission is definitely pricey.
There were a lot of stalls there that were different from last year, but as usual some rubbish too.
Darren- the admission doesn't just allow you to shop, there is a program of speakers and workshops on all the time too. Some decent and some just not my thing, but I do think there was something for everyone across the 3 days. Also a chance to have a chat with the presenters, I just wish Peter Cundall was still there!

Nicole said...

thanks for the link Toria, i found them last year, i was just hoping to to purchase without postage fees

Chris said...

I was toying with visiting the GA expo in Brisbane last year. I always have a hard time wanting to pay the money without knowing what's inside. I tend to avoid the Home and Ag Shows too - although I'm sure they're fine. Everyone I've spoken to about them, seem to think they're good value.

Of course I'd be where the poultry sheds are, LOL. :)

Did you see any livestock at all, or was it just plants and other products?

By the way, I'm planning to go to the GA expo one year - just to say I've been and see what they're up to. :)